Quantum Power

GET partnered with Marcus Reid to develop his crystal power cells that never die. A new source of clean renewable energy. Crystal cell 1.0 has been putting out power since 1999. Crystal cell 2.0 is being developed with a much higher power density scheduled for Q4 of 2016. By harnessing the coherent quantum fluctuations of the vacuum we are translating quantum activity into real usable power.

Langenburg Technologies

GET distributes and installs the Langenburg Technologies Clean Energy Generators that generate clean electricity, clean water and process waste anywhere on the planet with the power of water. These self-powered 1MW to 100 MW generator systems give 24/7/365 clean power anywhere on the planet & can be connected in parallel up to as much power as cities and countries need. Go off-grid by contacting us today to lease a new renewable magnetic energy systems!

AYO Energy Solutions

We bring together innovative energy solutions and a unique business model to help building owners and operators reduce energy costs, improving the bottom line, while significantly mitigating their environmental foot print. With our free community/building feasibility studies we assess how our energy savings solutions will save you money without any cost to you! Contact us today for a free feasibility study!

Global Emergent Technologies Headquarters

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