Quantum Power

GET partnered with Marcus Reid to develop his crystal power cells that never die. A new source of clean renewable energy. Crystal cell 1.0 has been putting out power since 1999. Crystal cell 2.0 is being developed with a much higher power density scheduled for summer of 2016.

Langenburg Technologies

LT Advanced Water & Power Systems deliver purified water through a proprietary process which removes all pollutants and toxins, then a small percentage of this water is converted into clean SynGas fuel for the LT Turbine Generator, producing on-demand electric power.

JB - 65KW Generators

GET partnered with the manufacturer of the JB-65 Hybrid Generators with a new motor/generator that generates more horsepower using much less watts giving 24/7/365 clean green power anywhere on the planet. The 65 KW generators can be connected in parallel up to 50 MW.

AYO Energy Management

We bring together innovative energy solutions and a unique business model to help building owners and operators reduce their energy costs, improving the bottom line, while significantly mitigating their environmental foot print.