A new field of fluid dynamics is born…

ParafluidicsTM represents a major breakthrough in fluid dynamics, basically providing us more control over the speed, pressure and behavior of fluids in motion, or of how solids move though fluids. It is a multidisciplinary view on dynamic fluid properties which will quickly find its way into every industry. Within five years it should be a new chapter in every college physics book.


Drawing on over 20 years of research in exotic fluidics and related work in electrical, mechanical, aerospace design, and mechanical engineering, inventor Tom Schlosser developed and patented a new perspective and methodology on fluid-hydrodynamics. This is a substantial “breakthrough in applied physics” and represents a “new field of technology”, with potentially hundreds of industry applications. Parafluidics will have dramatic impact on most current emergent technologies, existing industry, health care and recreation; bringing greater efficiency, safety and comfort our daily activities.

Built in Shock Absorbers

Parafluidic systems concurrently function as non-linear shock absorbers. Non linear means that at higher levels of energy input they convert the energy to faster beneficial spin that leads to more beneficial desired outcomes . This is the opposite of how most current man-made systems operate, reduced efficiency with increased input.

Creating Vacuums to Accelerate Flow

In many applications, Parafluidics creates a vacuum ahead of the flow. For example, a parafluidic exhaust is sucked toward the engine by the exhaust airstream (indicating vacuum effects and acceleration of flow), while a simple open “tube” will be pushed away by the same exhaust air stream (indicating turbulence and resistance to flow).

Control of Pressure, Heat, Noise WITHOUT Waste in less volume (smaller)

With the dramatic fluidic acceleration, there is accompanying rapid (3rd party verified) cooling, noise and pressure reduction (in a smaller space than any conventional system). This ability to control/adjust pressure has multiple benefits, particularly in fuel combustion cycles, for example, great efficiency increase in jet engine burn cycle with slight increase in pressure differential. Currently 3rd party verified a 1psi pressure drop (input to output) through an exhaust/muffler that is smaller and quieter than the best custom exhaust (30% of size/volume).

Control of Heat, Noise WITHOUT Waste

Even with a hotter burn (in engine) there is a cooler “exhaust” wall/surface and cooler expelled air. The exhaust vol- ume is approximately 30% the volume of (existing) state of the art systems .

Control of Dispersion in Fluids

There are several industries where anti-dispersive technology is essential, for example in water jet nozzles (grit and water), irrigation (nutrients and water), plasma reactors and cavitation processes (energy and fluid). Parafluidic technology may represent the best approach for breakthroughs in these universal industries.